How to use the PVI:

First: You will create a Booklet. A Booklet is a container of one of more related or unrelated studies. The study questions and data (Mindsets) will come from the website.

Secondly, you will add individual studies in your booklet provided to you from the website.

Lastly, you will publish your booklet, which will make it available to prospective respondents via a web link. This is done by paying for it. You will be charged a publishing fee and per study fee. You will also be charged a starting deposit (Credit Balance). When a respondent takes the studies in the booklet, your credit balance will be charged a small fee (i.e. 10ยข per study) for each respondent when they submit their answers for the studies in the booklet.

To begin, Click the SIGN UP HERE on the ABOVE navigation menu. After signup, you will go to the PVI Booklet Setup page.

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